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Once upon a Crime,

6 Boys lost their innocence

3 went to Heaven as angels too soon

3 went to jail as innocent too long


One Third of the proceeds realized from this book are

Pledged to assist efforts on behalf of the West Memphis 3

In the search to identify, and hopefully

Bring the killer or killers to justice.


To be denied life through murder or injustice is inexcusable

To do nothing about it is unforgivable


“You can never be whole, if you are never a part.”



WM3 Freedom Fund

PO Box 22

Sun Valley CA 91353-0022

The Devil may rock - but it is heads that will roll.  Question is… are the murders real or just an illusion created by a demented conman, out for a fast buck and quick feel?

Follow the band as they go from Mediocre to Memorable, taking innocence for a ride it will never forget, leaving a beautiful young woman lost forever.   Glint and Sacrificial Night play the evil music of the night, and it is up to a lone police officer, and a devastated father to solve a mystery no one saw coming. 


Discover how isolated incidents, long forgotten and put aside…will contribute to murder, mayhem and salvation.

This is Glint Blade
     This is Sacrificial Night!

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